Fringe Review: Nick Robertson – Leave to Enter

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By Gigi Pinwill



Nick Robertson’s opening night was a well-attended show in a secret basement where there was plenty of audience laughs. A multilayered show there were on screen graphics and a closing video which added some of the best humour to the stand-up routine. (I suggest making more of these as they hit home.)

Looking at the show through the lens of mental health awareness, Nick mentions anxiety and low self-esteem. However I can’t say this show included mental health content, education, or awareness.

Having said that he does cover bullying, family dynamics, sources of low self-confidence, hurtful (and amusing) unsolicited remarks by strangers, obesity, computer game addiction, and the traumas we all experience as typical modern humans.

Deeper questions around the premise of the show were left unanswered like ‘Why was he going to work overseas? Was there a mental health reason? What was the job? Why did it matter to him? How did the paperwork get so messed up? Was that related to mental health?’

It would have been good to see more depth in the storytelling and not being afraid to dive into mental health aspects that could add value, vulnerability, and relevance.

There were some lost moments in the humour to cover minor mistakes like stumbling over a few words that weren’t covered with a joke. But it was opening night, and who doesn’t have a stumble or or two then?

With added confidence and direction, Nick has something seriously funny here.

And despite what I write, Nick may still be happy with this review given his usual reviews say he is sweet and endearing but don’t mention being funny. And I can say he definitely is funny.

3.5 Stars

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