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Mental illness can be a long and lonely journey and the pathway to recovery is different for each individual. mindshare is a place for people to talk about their lives, issues, and experiences while enriching others with knowledge of their personal experience. Each of us is special, we all have a personal story to tell  and mindshare allows us all to shine.  –  Steve Clark

On mindshare you will find artwork, short stories, poetry, photography, original music recordings, mini documentaries, digital stories and blogs submitted by people with lived experience of a mental health challenge or illness, as well as their carers, sector workers, family and friends.

mindshare is managed by Anna Jeavons from the Mental Health Coalition of SA and houses thoughts, views and expressions from a wide range of consumers and sector workers.

The Mental Health Coalition of SA does not share nor endorse any of these views and is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained in the work presented on the site. You can read our editorial guidelines here.

mindshare relies on contributions from the mental health sector—including organisations, mental health workers, arts practitioners, carers, family members or those living with a mental health issue. It is their stories that provide an ever changing landscape.

At mindshare we are always keen to hear from anyone passionate about mental health. To become a member of our community head to Get Involved.

Port Noarlunga SA by Stephen West
Port Noarlunga SA by Stephen West

mindshare's goals

  • To foster a creative dialogue between people with lived experience of mental illness and the wider community with the aim of combating stigma and increasing awareness through art and storytelling, enabling a change of perception in the wider community.
  • To seek and promote the creative work of consumers, sector workers, carers, families and friends from the mental health sector or from the general public as content for the mindshare website (MHCSA) and further publications where relevant. Therefore amplifying the voices of creatives with a lived experience of mental illness in the public sphere.

We hope you enjoy mindshare.

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