Artist Spotlights

mindshare works alongside a wide range of artists and musicians from the community – historically those living with complex mental health challenges, who’ve identified expressive arts or storytelling as an important tool in their recovery journey.

Through our new “Artist Spotlights” we hope to provide another platform for these talented creatives to showcase their work, and share what we know to be important stories.


List of Artists

Max Callaghan

We asked Max about his creative practice, the communities he holds close, and his mental health journey. Read more here.


Mali Isabel 

Read about Mali Isabel, an artist driven by making the world a better place, here.


Vivana Luzochimana

“I express my storytelling through poetic flow…” More.


Matthew Shaw

Learn about Matthew’s use of art as a positive outlet here.


Billie Larson

“I think the world needs more acceptance and love”. Read more from Billie here.


Kaitlyn Davison

“I have often found myself drawn towards others who are creative and also happen to have their own lived experiences with mental health.” More.


Emma Sullivan 

“…in a roundabout way, my mental health helped create my art practice and my art practice saved my mental health so it is very bitter sweet…” More.


Nigel Matejcic

Nigel shares his inspiration and insights here.


Claire Morrison

“I want to stand as proof that myself and people like me have a place, and exponential value, with important and valid perspectives on the human condition and beyond”. More.


Anastasia Comelli

Annie Comelli is a visual storyteller with the ability to convey emotive storylines through experimental and non-narrative methods. More.