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On a shimmering blue, ochre, and green background, native Australian animals play underneath a floating haze of blue droplets


By Lorraine Moore
an abstract peice that could be puzzle peices, or shattered glass. Large black crack shimmer betwen rainbow layered peices.

Cries Of Anguish

By Lorraine Moore
A vaguely cubist face in orange and green with red lips rests with eyes closed against a pink and yellow background. The “Happy Girl” by Nick Nicola has brown, orange and green wavy hair that blooms upwards over the canvas.

Are These Our Children

By Lorraine Moore
A digital drawing of a stop sign against a sunny sky. Hollyhocks grow wildly from a tiny crack in the cement, and someone has graffitied the word "dont" above the word "stop"

Prepare To Stop

By Katherine Healy
A cluster of yellow and orange circles gather one a shimmering blue and green background, connected in the center by a golden point of origin

Peptides Fit

By Melinda Jane - The Poet Mj
Against a splashy, textured background in copper and warm gray tones sits a hyper realistic stack of white and blue bowls and mugs, detailed chrome handles of cutlery poking out into the wind.

Cry for the Lost

By Jenny Benham