By Colin Marshall

Colin is a practicing musician who has played and recorded music over some 25 years. Colin has played in many rock/pop bands on the local live circuit as well as stints interstate. Colin has been writing and performing original music for most of his career, culminating in his current project ‘Loose Change’, a 3 piece ensemble designed by Colin to be a simple vehicle for his current musical material.

‘Most of the songs I have written relate to mental illness, having suffered from manic depression for most of my life and having to be on medication for half of it. It hasn’t helped my cause as far as relationships are concerned and generally getting on with people. I’ve never been a promoter and getting gigs has been a struggle, as it is for a lot of talented artists.” says Colin.

He continues, “I still believe in my music. I think they’re good, catchy songs with meaning and it would be a sad thing if they were forgotten.”

Colin is assisted by Neville D’Hoedt on bass and Andy Przygonski on drums.

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