Reach For The Light

By Amanda Turner

Taking inspiration from personal experiences in her life, Amanda Turner takes the power of music to help others to build courage, find strength and to be their authentic selves. Located in Adelaide, Australia, Amanda is a singer, songwriter, co-producer and mental health and anti-bullying advocate.

Amanda Turner’s second single Reach For The Light is her debut into the world of electronic dance music after the release of her first single The Edge. As a teenager of the 90’s, she loved the sounds of Basement Jaxx, 2 Unlimited, Real McCoy, Darude, and Steps. This love of electronic dance music has never left her, so she made it her mission to create 90’s style dance music that not only entertained, but to empower the listener with her original lyrics and backing track.

“I wanted to use electronic dance music as a means to lift the spirits of people during an uncertain and difficult time. There is hope and it’s inside each of us even when the days seem dark. It’s a spark that we carry every day. Sometimes it’s dim but it’s still there!”

–          Amanda Turner on the meaning behind Reach For The Light

Reach For The Light was co-produced by Amanda Turner and Renaé Albuino and mastered by Tori Marshall at the Lift Up Voices Studio in Adelaide, South Australia. The original backing track is the first one created solo by Amanda after many months of practising her craft by creating instrumental electronic dance tracks for her friends and family. She got further guidance during her sessions at Lift Up Voices.









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