mindshare Editorial Guidelines

Following are the editorial guidelines for mindshare.org.au. These guidelines are to be used when editing and reviewing content for the website.


  • Content should remain on mindshare once submitted the first time around for 6-­8 weeks.
  • Content may be removed after that date.
  • Swearing is allowed by consideration given to context and the potential of offending others.
  • Content warnings may be placed on pages with themes deemed to be upsetting to audiences. This could include content pertaining to suicide, self harm or other triggers defined by the editor as requiring a warning.
  • Nudity means the direct view of genitalia or nipples and is not allowed on photographic images. However judgment should be used on the way the nude person is depicted in the scene.
  • Nudity in artwork should not remove genitalia or nipples but consideration should be given to how the image is depicted or the angles of the said piece.
  • All direct uploaders on the mindshare website, be it volunteer, placement or staff, must be trained before they start to work on the site.
  • There is to be no direct naming of others in a discriminatory manner on the website. Where possible the use of pseudonyms is allowed and a fictional context created so as not to make a direct link to any one person.
  • Staff of the Mental Health Coalition of SA and allied governing bodies retain the right to remove some or all of the content from the website.
  • The placement of titles, names, copyright etc should be done so in line with the mindshare style guide.
  • All artists and authors who display work on the mindshare website retain copyright in their original work. Wherever possible mindshare works to protect creators work from being downloaded or copied from the internet.
  • People must register once to take part in mindshare with a registration form found on the Get Involved page. Forms are filed by staff and volunteers in mindshare's Google Drive.
  • We aim to conduct a 3 monthly review of the overall site in meetings with our mindshare advisory group.


For any clarification on content or the use of these guidelines please contact mindshare.