Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday.

By Scott Bartholomaeus

I never planned I’d reach today,

In fact,

any place that  I might see tomorrow’s light,

And now I’m puzzled, wondering,

If wandering and suffering and struggling,

Is part of who I am and,

If parting ways with that Would be giving up the fight ?

Too many highs just don’t feel right,

I kinda like my staggered steps

They seem to keep my head in check

Like walking home alone on drunken nights

Like Talking on the phone but my battery’s dead.


I don’t have so many dollars left.

Half the time I make no sense.

The grass is greenest perched on my fence.

I think I find what it is I need to ease my worried mind

Then I gather all my penny’s say goodbye and catch a flight,

Missing all I leave behind.

Wishing it would lead me home

But the crumbs they blow like leaves,

A lot like me,

Uncertainty in human form just swaying in the breeze,

luckily I’ve two sturdy feet,

Sometimes they itch and shatter dreams but at least they save me from bleeding knees and tattered jeans.


My love lives in the simplest things

It’s wonderfully free

With every breath it breeds.

It’s rainbows and transparency

It comes, never goes and does just as it please,

reassuring me that someday in hindsight I’ll see

I lived a life in ease.


I use to be so good at putting up walls and building forts

but now I own a kingdom full of castles in my thoughts And,

I oughtta be proud of that

I taught my monkey to walk and dance he’s no longer on my back,

Ok sometimes he needs a ride and sometimes he likes to hide,

But that’s just fine with me

Most the time he tows the line he’s always skipping when I sing,

Without him there reminding me just how precious is this life

I’d take the knife and cut my ties so the quicker I would sink


I named him Symmetry.


He’s a beauty and a beast.

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