The Weight Of The Wold

By Anita Zurburgg

Once upon a time she is joyful

A glimmering shimmer in her eyes

She softly hums a tune just for me

To gently soothe my compelling cries


She is my world


Once upon a time she is hopeful

I hold her absolute attention

A dependable source of refuge

She is my comfort and protection


She is my world


But these days she is melancholy

She emanates a sense of despair

Her eyes are now hollow and distant

The pain is too much for her to bear


She is my world


These days she is worn and downtrodden

Buried deep under brutality

At the hands of a man once cherished

I am aware of her agony


She is my world


She no longer sings me a ballad

Her loving gaze now a vacant stare

She retreats inwards for asylum

To a world she need not be aware


My world has gone


She sinks deeper into an abyss

To a place where I cannot find her

I softly hum a tune just for her

As a soft and gentle reminder


My world has gone


I hold a light for her in the dark

In a desperate plea to remind her

The world I knew has faded away

I wait for your return dear Mother.

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