The Sliver of a Silver Lining

By Ineke Hill

To achieve an atmosphere

of confidence and optimism

I need to shed sincere tears.

At times of the offences

my unsocial defence was pretence

in the, then, present-day sense.

Be certain to now resound

but not to compound the memories

which have already been found.

The union so hopelessly needed

is fearfully felt – but lost.

It’s intriguing; a puzzle.

Without your help I will just muddle

to deal with this vast struggle.

With your thoughtful permission

why not attempt association?

I am somewhat miserable

but hopeful now that I have written

and considered this poem.

I strive for hope – the bright side.

Bitter memories quickly flicker.

I’ll flip – but I’m no quitter!

2019_06_21 19




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