The Shadow In Our Minds

By Teresa Stuart

Among a world of people, not all is what it seems

For there is one lone figure, who does what it please

There is no name and there is no body

It’s a thought in the head that seems kind of foggy

It is dark, it is sad and sometimes makes you a little mad

The hold it takes can be so strong

That whatever you do it cannot be gone

A thing that can only be described as hidden little shadow in the back of your mind

Staying out of sight, especially at night

It hides under beds giving us a fright

As it takes a stronger hold

We lose our ambitions and personal goals

Emotions and feelings that are hide to describe making you want to run and hide

While right now it has it eyes set on you

There is no discrimination on who next it will choose

For it likes to drain the light from all that it sees

Almost dropping us down on our knee’s

It is powerful, it is mean

A hold of depression or anxiety it seems

With each passing moment the shadow grows bigger

Changing our loved ones, those we hold dearest

It is nourished and feeds on negative thoughts

Can change an entire city in just one main course

As darkness grows larger, people lose hope it creates relationships unable to cope

While right now it seems all doom and gloom

There is a shining light that continues to bloom

As the light grows larger from those who show they care

The shadow now sees it’s not just it there

For more acts of kindness, understanding and support

Show many people there’s somebody in their court

Hope of peace and positives lives, takes the shadow by surprise

For the control its had is beginning to fade

Losing control of its ragging campaign

As the light grows brighter, the shadow starts to shrink

A moment of change that makes the people stop and think

When people have a more positive wellbeing

They feel like they can go out and achieve their dreams

While we know that the shadow may never completely leave

Its hold on our lives, will no longer be

For we are in charge of our thoughts and our minds and will no longer be caught by surprise

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