The music shall be beautiful even when the score is marked by pain

By Jenny Benham

I hear voices and they won’t listen to me. I lived with voices for 17 years living, working with various forms of sensory distortions. No one knew. I was different but I was functioning until I had a crisis at 22. I was labeled. I became the victim. My world collapsed. I failed because I was told I could not cope. Told I would never be able to function without huge doses of medication. Medications that they claimed would make it better, make it easier. It made it easier for me to fail, to give up, to forget all the skills that had got me where l was. I spent 25 year a victim of my voices until one day I was told that it was ok to hear voices. It was not the hearing for the hearing was and is an experience like so many other experiences and although these experiences seemed to be connected to immense powers I gradually learnt that this power was within me. I believe now that  power in itself is neither good or bad it is how we react or interact that  defines it. What gave me the courage to open my eyes once more and rejoin the world

Words spoken by Rufus May and Ron Coleman. Words that said that l , that we are more than the labels we have learnt to live by. We are beautiful, precious beings each and everyone of us. I listened, it did not change over night but I slowly  began to believe it could change and now for the most part I am the conductor and the voices the, the people, the world are my choir. Gradually we will learn to play together, we will learn rhythm and time and the music shall be beautiful even when the score is marked by pain.





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