The Ebb and Flow

By The Skipper

I swim among

Ebb and flow

No shaky ground for me

No dusty wind

No muddy feet

No need to hug a tree

I love my cave

My spangled suit

I love my home 2O

Though dark at night

It’s not too bad

It’s with the flow I go

Come dinner time

You never know

With such varietea

A Cephalopod

A Briney shrimp

The menu might be me.

I have no boat to stay afloat

I can but sink or swim

I take each day with brush and sway

I take it fin by fin

The sea is vast

The crowd disperse

My garden patch I roam

It takes all types

Of gills and stripes

To make a lively home.

So come on in

Take a swim

A splash, a plunge or dip

No undertow to drag you down

No way to drown or slip.

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