The Creative Rhyming Mind Of Krums

By Blake Kramm

I will tell people rhymes that are written about rhyming itself

Followed by others for having good mental health

I realise I have a wonderful personality

And that rhyming is my own speciality


As long as there is good conversation

Rhymes can be done in moderation

I believe it is a miracle

With rhyming, how I have become so lyrical


I want to have my rhymes shown out there, either written to be read

Or listened to when they are said

At first rhyming for me, was always a possibility

Now I can easily do that to the best of my ability


In creating my rhyming book, there has only been me involved

As this shows how my skill of writing rhymes has evolved

I have now realised that my rhymes can be hard to beat

And if I was to live without them, I would feel like my life is incomplete


There are so many rhymes I can share with you, which is such a delight

And before I do this, there is so much time I need to make them sound right

The rhymes I write down are unbelievable

As a process for me that is achievable


Rhyming for me can be draining

As this involves so much explaining

But I am not complaining

When someone reading my rhymes, finds it all to be entertaining


Everyone needs to hear what rhymes I have to say

As this talent is here to stay

These thoughts do not go away

So I have chosen to live with this every day


It is delighting

And exciting

That with rhyming, I keep on writing

And if you want to join me, I am inviting


When I say rhymes with other people, I feel a strong connection

As they think it sounds like perfection

For every section

Of my selection


My rhymes are flowing

And just keep on going

As my happiness is showing

While I say them with people I am knowing


I want my rhymes to be the best

So people are impressed

But may say I am obsessed

And when I have rap battles, my rhyming is put to the test


I am feeling so proud

That I can choose to continue saying my life story and rhymes out loud

And easily draw in a crowd


It may appear for rhyming I am all done

But I am sure with writing rhymes, I have only just begun

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