Sum of a windy day and night

By Dylan Everett

At the sea today there are no

bodies veiled, but a naked

life swims and waves that cool

the skin and are warmed in return.

There is no turbulence within us

on the created blue music for now –

the wind reigns until we sleep.

Forgotten our lives sleep in it –

bound and unbounded – this is

climbing through water spun stories,

through wave woven rooms,

sleep possessing us through water stories.

I trade the kiss of this vision with yours,

knowing nothing is around

but the sunken sand that knows we climb.

Even folded endless,

we only find wind here and if lucky a wing,

and if that is all, then that is all.

This fold we share on the borders

of the passing day –

as salt feathered whispers and crackles

pass over unnoticed.

If only, if only… then nothing more or less,

we do not need to speak over anything,

then –

Such a windy night, and the sea is curdled grey blue –

No one is with us but the rhythmic sounds harvested

from the chaos of natural waters.

Cold dances swim elsewhere,

we are always foreigners here,

but we are not cold bodies

and the world is not cold with us.

Our pieces, our embodiments,

add themselves together,

and the adding never ends.




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