My Troubled Orphan Boy

By J.C. Heart

Busted knuckles
Mouth so grim
Frightened eyes
And rage within
Scars on his face
And in his heart
A darkness within
That grew from the start
The feelings of shame
The feelings of pain
Swirl round his guts
And round his brain
Like a runaway train
In the dark of night
That haunt his dreams
Well into the light
“Why did she leave me?”
All alone
No loving embrace
No loving tone
Cut from her womb
And cut from her life
The pain in his heart
Still carries the knife.

And along came another
Who tried to heal
Who loved and cherished
Though she was not “real”.
She stayed by his side
Tried to heal the pain
Through sunny days
And pouring rain
Shared his trauma and horror
And fear and hate
All the while wondering how much more she could take
But her resolve is strong
To see this boy right
So he can grow into a man
And live a good life.
Love, hope and faith is her guide
To give her the strength to stay by his side.

Now ten years have passed
A good man he’s become
With love – the elixir –
For this mother and son.

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