Music Box

By Edona

She moves without fail and is glorious with each turn as she dances to her melody.
She moves round and round, hands above her head,
Until the darkness surrounds her.
She stays quiet, waiting, wondering if she will ever see the light again, if she will ever hear her melody that is her only comfort or if she will ever see the one in the mirror, the one that is beautiful, the one that is brave, the one that fly’s with her feet bolted to all she knows.
Just once more the light shines.
She can feel her song playing for all to hear.
They watch her go round and round.
They wind and wind, making her move, making the melody play.
Each passing turn she sees her. 
Just a glimpse, then forced to look away she twirls on her stadium where she will forever be. 
This is what she was made for, she is a story teller, an artist and is finally set free. 





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a teal blue scribble in the shape of a thought bubble floats in the page, linked to the word “mindshare” below it in cursive. Under this text reads “creative writing awards 2022 shortlisted”. At the bottom of the image are logos from the Mental Health Coalition South Australia, Mental Health Month, mindshare, Writers SA, and Access2Arts

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