Look Within

By Jenny Benham

I walked alone through the Jungle within
Walked alone searching for a friend.

I stopped – and for a moment – just a moment, I heard the wind whisper

in my ear
“Look Within”

Yet – still day by day I sat in the full darkness of the sun

I stood alone – in a crowd of thousands

Hoping, searching, wishing for a friend, a friend who would have faith in


Who would comfort me when I am alone,
Would help me up each time I fell

Who would shelter me in the storm and rejoice with me in the rising of

the sun

Who would be forever with me, close by my side

Who would see my chaos as camouflage behind which I would no

longer need to hide.
How many miles must I walk?
How many mountains must I climb?
How many fathoms must I swim?
Am I forever destined to be alone with this pain

This anguish, this shame?
Can no one see me?

Am I but a shadow without essence?

Must I forever be haunted by the calling of my name?

But then gently, quietly amongst the shredding roar of the storm, the

wind whispered once more –

“Look Within”

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