Kym's Own COVID-19 Isolation Story

By Kym Mackenzie

The whole COVID-19 isolation  

Experience for me was a bit different,

I found that I couldn’t spend as much time

Going out like I usually do. 



Before COVID-19

I was able to catch up with all my friends,

We were able to go out to the pubs, Fringe clubs

And also to theatre performances.

During this time, we would

go out nearly every week.



During COVID-19 I wasn’t able to catch up

with all of my friend’s

Like I normally would.

Where we would go out on the town.


COVID-19 arrived in Australia

While South Australia was hosting the Fringe.

Before the end of the Fringe

The Government had shut down

All venues at the Fringe, hotels, restaurants and other industries.


Good news came just before

My Birthday this year

Where we were able to go out

In small groups to catch up

In parks, at the beach and other places.


As my birthday fell on Friday April The 10th

Which happened to be on Good Friday.


I Had It All Worked Out That 

I would have had my birthday bash charity fundraiser,

At the Hotel Metropolitan,

Acoustic Club music night


On Tuesday 14th April,

However, all music venues

Got closed due to COVID-19.

So I was a bit devastated that

I couldn’t do it at the time.


I had to stay at home or go for short outings

Around where I lived for daily exercise

And to catch public transport to work.


I was still able to continue working throughout COVID-19.

However, things did change with in the workplace

We had new rules such as,

Social distancing,

Staying 1.5 meters apart.

No hugging,

Handshakes or touching.


Where able to give elbows instead

To replace the hi fives and handshakes.


Extra cleaning practices where implemented

Throughout the business where needed

To clean different areas more regularly

Such as the eating areas.


There was also less people at work

As they needed to stay at home,

Some people had hours cut back

To help with social distancing while

Others got moved to other areas such

As in the café where they were unable to serve food

due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

They moved to help out into either packaging or cleaning.



I found it hard that I couldn’t do

My normal computing sessions at the library

During COVID-19,

This meant that I had to relocate to the Bedford Panorama site.


All around the world they started to

Implement new rules around

social distancing and hygiene practices.


Such as people needing to stay home

If they were feeling unwell,

Needed to get tested for COVID-19

If they had symptoms

People needed to quarantine for 14 days,

Also if you had been traveling via

Domestic travel, then they put 

Bans in place for International travel

Throughout the year there have also been border closures around the globe.



Everyone was told to wash hands more regularly,

Use hand sanitizer if unable to use soap and water.

Sanitising stations have been put in place

In all shops and businesses.


Shops ran out of toilet paper, tissues,

sanitisers, pasta,

milk and other supplies that are essential.


So governments around Australia put in

Restricted shopping times,

Limits implemented on some items

That were running out when doing

Weekly or fortnightly shopping,

So that others could purchase these items.

Limits placed on items such as

1 pack of toilet paper,

2 cartons of milk and more items.


As less cases became in South Australia,

The government slowly relaxed restrictions

That I was then able to meet up

With other people once a month

While maintaining social distancing.


Around the Easter long weekend.

I was then able to

Catch up with two people

Within the space of two days.

At different locations as we were

Now able to move around

The city more freely.



I Started to Catch Up

With a few more of my friend’s

During the Queen’s Birthday long weekend

We were able to go out for lunch and drinks

But we are still required to keep social distancing to 1 person per 4 square meters.


Was also able to go to music events

Such as the acoustic club was back

On for a little while and to see

Some of my music friends performing 

It was really good to watch, I also went to comedy events

 To watch comedians do their set.


I did my first ever online stream music gig

For Adelaide make music day

Two for a fifteen-minute set of three songs

This was a great experience for me to learn

A new skill and a new way to connect with an audience.


I also took part in a video collaboration

With others from Bedford to create

An isolation appreciation video called

This is me 

Using the song from the Greatest showman. 

During these new COVID-19 restrictions 

Bedford held a SALA event 

Where I was able to perform 

With another friend Patrick 

To do a set of three songs 

To showcase my talent and what I do when

I’m not working at Bedford

As my passion is to perform for others and to help bring joy.


For people that are visiting South Australia 

And want to find out about COVID-19 

And the rules based on going out to attend performances,

Are able to find this information on the South Australian Government website.


If I was asked I would be able to explain the ways in which to help prevent COVID-19 being spread,

To do things such as 

  • ensuring that everyone washes their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds,
  • ensuring generally hygiene practices, such as using hand sanitizer when necessary
  • keeping 1.5 metres apart to maintain social distance from others, 
  • GIVING elbows, 
  • NO hugging, 
  • NO handshakes and
  • NO touching. 
  • DO NOT HOARD (Grabbing excess stock like toilet paper, tissues, soap, hand sanitisers, pasta, milk and other supplies).
  • As we need to look out for others and ensure everyone has access to the essentials.


When have lockdowns it’s important

To stay in the area you live 

To help stop the spread. 


Go for short walks around your area, 

While going to the shops to do shopping, 

visit cafe’s, pubs and clubs.


By using the COVID-safe App

or sign a contact tracing sheet.


By doing this the government

Is able to get in contact with people

Who may have come in to contact 

With those who have tested positive

And stop the spread quickly.


If we all follow the Guidelines

That have been set out by the Government

And The World Health Organisation (WHO)

To help prevent the spread. 


This is to hopefully enable us

To get back to some normality,

Where we are able to move more

Freely around the country

And then hopefully will be able to

Go around the world like we have

All enjoyed for many years prior to COVID-19.

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