In my world

By Alexandra Swift Hill


In my world, there are unicorns and there is a hot sticky pool of mud. Around the hot sticky pool of mud are tree’s, big ones, with elves living in them where they make the presents for Christmas, they also bake cookies in the trees and make shoes, wooden ones, for in the tree trunks are the elves’ homes.

There are gnomes that enjoy the Christmas season. There are waterfalls and big trees with dry green leaves which means the trees are healthy, instead of the leaves being purple. There are orange trees with rainbow leaves that grow oranges. There are healthy apple trees with purple leaves. 

Under the bridges by the cool water banks lay patches of huge and small variations of coloured flowers which were the fairies homes, unlike the fairy Queen Sarkkia, who refused to live in a bunch of flowers and built her palace out of the wood rafters floating along the rivers, there she lives in a palace with King Leonardo and the Princes Bernado, Leopold and Toby and the Princesses Rapahella, Amelia and Isabella. 

The gnomes lived in the trees and built their homes out of wood rafters too. The trees and all the branches left it all in darkness. But they all enjoyed the Christmas season then birthdays and then Easter. 

The hot sticky block of stone lay from top to bottom, 

“Who shall be Prince? Quentin said eating stones out of hunger.

“I’ve been through lakes of mud to come and try and visit you my lady, Queen, said Prince Latchlan with his high and mighty horse, Jingle bells. 

The girl wore a crown of white sticks and a velvet purple cloak and dress,

 “I have come to give you the oracle key to this kingdom. It was also my quest to go on the flying dragon, Fluffy, where I fed him medicine and healed him and flew through the air. A bearded dwarf man said he made potions that make you fly and that make you happy. Talk about whizz popping with feelings!” said Latchaln. 

“He also made wooden shoes and carved wooden paintings. There was a witch who lived there too and she made chocolate cake that made me so sad.  I don’t know what was in the chocolate cake,” Latchaln sighed. 

“Jingle Bells suffered in the lake and I met this crazy gollywockas scientist who could invent rainbow shoes to make you fly. I flew on fluffy and I feel as though I must have been made to make this journey! ” Lachlan exclaimed

 “You have finished your quest and all is done!” Myetta smiled. 

 They celebrated Christmas all together, the Royal family, the gnomes, the fairies, unicorns and elves with cookies, presents and fresh apples.





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