How I deal with depression

By Gilam

I have been dealing with anxiety and depression since I was 17. I am now 47.

My latest depressive episode was due to having sinus surgery on the 10th of February. I have had numerous side affects including:

  • 3 haemorrhages in hospital and a second procedure on the 11th of February to quarterize my nose
  • Hypomania from my antidepressant that I have been on for 11 years interacting with the general anaesthetics (I had 2 procedures with 24 hours)
  • 2 trips to Emergency Departments due Hypomania – on one occasion I found bruises all over my legs and thought that I was haemorrhaging again
  • Terrible facial pain from the nerves in my face, possibly Trigeminal Neuralgia resulting in 1 trip to an Emergency Department and a CT Scan of my sinuses
  • CT sinus scan showed that my surgery was sound, with my airways clear, no infections and no source of pain
  • Being diagnosed with depression due to these nasty side affects
  • Not being able to get an appointment with a Psychiatrist until the 30th of April – every time I could not get an an appointment I would go into a hypermanic episode.

The good news is:

  • I have a wonderful husband whom cares for me and took me to hospital when I thought I needed to go (he joked that I love Hospitals)
  • My Hypomania is now under control due to 4 different scripts of depression and pain blocking medication and a wonderful GP who sees me twice weekly
  • I managed to get 2 appointment with a Psychologist whom has helped me to manage my situation
  • I have an appointment with a Psychiatrist next
  • I have an appointment with a Neurologist next week
  • I have a wonderful family that has supported me (2 adult sons, my wonderful husband and my dogs).

I learnt to paint with acrylics in 2007 and took painting lessons in exchange for Business Coaching. I like to wind down by painting florals and seascapes.

I also crochet, play Farm Heroes, walk my 2 dogs and complete puzzles in “That’s Life Magazines”.

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