Day Dreaming

By Edona

I sat the there while Terror ruled my heart and rage ran my brains ,
Thinking of all the things I didn’t know how to say,
Blinding seeing the future and finding my way
Pain is inside my body every day
I wanted it to stay It was my only friend I told it not to go away
No longer do I fear To be near and hear the sound of courage to stand
Hand in hand not fall victim to the demand
That constant suffering will bring My eyes sting I must begin
The slow detachment of past memories And move on in my journey to find a new home
Because I have outgrown This old life and it’s old plans
Full of dreams and I cans I open my eyes and see, Me.





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a teal blue scribble in the shape of a thought bubble floats in the page, linked to the word “mindshare” below it in cursive. Under this text reads “creative writing awards 2022 shortlisted”. At the bottom of the image are logos from the Mental Health Coalition South Australia, Mental Health Month, mindshare, Writers SA, and Access2Arts

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