Cry for the Lost

By Jenny Benham

The Mental Health System in South Australia stands on
quicksand, sinking into the oblivion of the ‘too hard basket’.

The light at the end of the tunnel flickers.
The gale of apathy and ignorance echoes hauntingly.

The light is weak from constant assault.

It is a fact that twelve fragile eggs cannot be kept safe, healthy,

and whole in a box built for six.

Fragile lives are being crushed, thoughtlessly disposed of,
plunged helplessly into the dark, lonely, isolated crevices of


They are swallowed into the dark void of fate.

How many perish, left by the roadside, too weak, too lost to be


Do we sweep the strays into the fathomless grave of life without


Cut the string of a marionette, it too will collapse.

20 years on
Whats Changed

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