Cerebral Nocturne

By Shaine Melrose

I am in a wasteland

that place –

between four am snores

and alarm clock convulsion

nerve crawling disruption.


I call up the stars

to shine their ancient fires

onto my beating life.

I need a full beam moon

to guide me,

illuminate this shadow land.


Thoughts in the cavern

are bigger than my brain

my place in life’s game

seems uncertain.

Tormented creatures cower

in toxic crevices –

writhing shattered realities

dark red and forsaken.


My illness hangs in the sky

a diagnosis breaking

up my mind.

Blood-shot empty eyes

stare inward, that derelict space

where alien thoughts reside.


I am in the waste land

got a bad taste

in my mouth land

broken and held together

by a strand land,

ash up to my ankles,

soil turned to sand –

night is infinity

a tangled reality

my face in my hands

alone in the wasteland.

Cruel ruthless place land


between four am snores

and alarm clock convulsion.

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