Can't You See Me?

By Anna Jeavons

Can’t you see me? I’m making it easy.
I’m sorry I’m still talking – I don’t like it either but I’ll start screaming if I don’t get understood.
I’m sorry I’m still talking but you can’t have heard a thing because you never said I’m sorry you’re in pain, I care, I love you or you’re not alone in this.
I don’t need you to fix it, it’s getting fixed; I guess we’re all just aching for a witness.
I’ll draw you a diagram, point to where it hurts, tell you what I think the reasons are this time, explain that I’m aware I’m blessed and loved and, rationally, fine.
And I will know I’m pushing you away.
Grandiose frustration that I’m ruining your day.
I’m not angry, I’m afraid.
Maybe you think invisibility is what I need.
Maybe it is. You’re right, I’m weak. But I’m so tired.
She said ‘I see you’
And I finally fell asleep.

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