Association through Dissociation

By Ineke Hill

If I were to suffer with depression I would most likely be taking medication to ease the agitation or perhaps undertaking some internal self-examination. I’d like to take lessons in elocution or possibly electrocution; what’s the difference – only minor change in letter distribution with a certain level of manipulation.

What actually is the accusation? Am I looking for dispensation or compensation? I need to explore my hesitation. Perhaps I am waiting for consolidation prior to adaptation of future habitation. Why not put me on probation for eventual unification? What then am I frightened of – procrastination, distraction, alteration or just awaiting motivation?

Reviewing my realistic calculation it’s time to come out of hibernation and to look for preservation through courage and determination but how do I overcome my situation of consternation in recovering from dissociation? The pandemonium somewhat palpable becomes impersonal but highly capable, needing a medium. Is it possible that I could be assisted with mobilisation for the benefit of stabilisation? To what degree am I cursed by this affliction which may only be cured by the amplification of the population, in moderation, resulting in better communication? Do you agree that this multiplication over such a long duration can inspire propagation and to finally attempt embarkation?

An  awareness  about abuse  almost always  aggravates and afterwards  ameliorates an alien alliance.

My life is quite diversional; professionally inspirational and personally hypothetical. Operationally life is divisible with an admission to precision. Indecision leads to division. Any mission requiring a decision is subject to permission following an intermission. When there is suspicion of derision it is generally understood as rejection heralding a likely ejection. To get to the truth of the abuse I have to pay again “for the pleasure” of the pain. Where’s the justice – it’s INSANE!

If I’m not mistaken, the matter in question may need clarification. Let’s provide some documentation which ought to be handled with trepidation. This involves ample consideration and considerable amplification.

The trauma of abuse and molestation leads to an overall humiliation of the whole family and continuing non-existence of identified emotion. This invariably results in denying evolution and protection of the abused individual and in restricting the ongoing safety of the young innocent entities. I deem it necessary to take action requiring examination and evaluation, and in so doing, to avoid contamination.

I don’t know where to go to shed my woe. Would Mindshare provide the support I need? So much worry and discontent. I’m sure this time wasn’t meant to be spent in incoherent torment. If someone could point me in the right direction I’d have no hesitation in accepting that selection with deflection.

It’s paramount to my survival that I not complicate my decision to terminate or my subconscious reason to correlate.

If mankind overlooks the indiscretion of abhorrent childhood sexual perpetration and lifetime alienation there is no hope of adaptation for our future generation.

I believe when the isolation caused by domination of the past generation is replaced with a declaration, only then will our children feel true emotion and real hope.

Do I hear an objection to the juxtaposition?





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