A Young Man Cries

By Yvonne Evans

Full of despair a young man cries

Feeling the only answer is that he must die


As he looks around, no hope do we give

Failing to provide him with a reason to live


We condemn him for the drugs but we fail to realise

As we consume our booze we’re just hypocrites in his eyes


We demand obedience to do it our way

Yet offer nothing but another lonely day


We say “Work for the Dole” and a pittance he receives

Yet deny a sense of purpose and let his young heart grieve


As he reaches out for the help that he needs

He’s confronted by a society consumed by apathy, power and greed


He knows that we look down on him, a bludger is all we see

“Why doesn’t he just get a job?” “Why doesn’t he achieve?”


With nowhere to go, wandering aimlessly around town

No comfort do we offer, just scowls and frowns


A lost young soul with a broken heart, needing guidance to show him the way

To give him a purpose for this life and a desire to live another day

As the darkness envelops consuming his mind

He longs for comfort and words that are kind


He knows he must try, he knows he must fight

But he can’t escape as the black dog bites


Nothing can ease this pain that he feels

Nothing seems able to help his heart heal


Nothing can penetrate the darkness to give

This lost young soul a desire to live


He’s made his plans, he’s given up the fight

He thinks there’s only one way to put his world right


And all alone, finally making his way home

Takes a dog lead from the shelf, decides to leave all he has known


So full of despair this young man cries

Feeling the only answer is that he must die.





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