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Excerpt from The Halfway House

By Anna Jeavons / 22 May 2019 / Comments Off on Excerpt from The Halfway House

Pine View Rehabilitation Unit Recommendations for change Summary of Report The local government commissioned a report, outlining the dysfunctional areas and the installation of better conditions for housing and services in the mental health area. Issues outlined were to create a positive outcome for both the health of those assessed and the wider community. Research…

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Enclosed In Darkness

By Anna Jeavons / 22 May 2019 / Comments Off on Enclosed In Darkness

Everyday I wake up dreading that I’m still alive. I know it’s going to be another day of me feeling nothing and if I do feel I know I’ll feel severely depressed, anxious, guilty or scared. The thoughts that cause these feelings are negative, hopeless and mean. I call them my “Dad” thoughts because they…

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Childhood: The Dark Days

By Anna Jeavons / 22 May 2019 / Comments Off on Childhood: The Dark Days

For a lot of people, it is hard to imagine that a young child could suffer from depression, but sadly they can and do. I was a child who did. It hurts me to think back to those dark mornings when I would wake and start sobbing uncontrollably. No one quite knew what to do…

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Association through Dissociation

By Anna Jeavons / 22 May 2019 / Comments Off on Association through Dissociation

If I were to suffer with depression I would most likely be taking medication to ease the agitation or perhaps undertaking some internal self-examination. I’d like to take lessons in elocution or possibly electrocution; what’s the difference – only minor change in letter distribution with a certain level of manipulation. What actually is the accusation?…

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