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On My Black

By Mindshare Admin / 15 September 2022 / Comments Off on On My Black

Rivulets of colour drift on my black I don’t have a dog but there’s been dark days colours bring shades of light and warmth to my black I’ve returned to my veteran warrior tribe wasn’t hiding from the world Just myself artistic endeavours with sausage and bread rivulets of colour will spread pretty soon the…

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The Unseen Chaos in My Mind

By Anna Jeavons / 14 December 2021 / Comments Off on The Unseen Chaos in My Mind

Mental Stability is something that is very much taken for granted in this world. However, being mentally unstable is something that is continuously criticised, stigmatised and shamed.  But have you ever wondered what it is actually like to be mentally unstable? In my experience, being mentally unstable feels like someone has a remote control, pressing…

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Sum of a windy day and night

By Anna Jeavons / 14 December 2021 / Comments Off on Sum of a windy day and night

At the sea today there are no bodies veiled, but a naked life swims and waves that cool the skin and are warmed in return. There is no turbulence within us on the created blue music for now – the wind reigns until we sleep. Forgotten our lives sleep in it – bound and unbounded…

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Night scale

By Anna Jeavons / 13 December 2021 / Comments Off on Night scale

One scales the night’s shards, wind in my arms like a son because I am far under myself, to hold the events of every encounter like a deep deer grey cloud, whispered into threaded fog as the sun rises, “A golden presence of uncertainty is born”, being here, run through with coloured bands, I then…

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By Anna Jeavons / 30 November 2021 / Comments Off on incidental

it can get away  from you the team talk the instruction those hours of commitment to the ball at the contest during the game in crucial moments   it can get away from you your life.

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By Anna Jeavons / 30 November 2021 / Comments Off on wholesome

we occupy space you & i physical intellectual psychological emotional acquired not inherited &  nurtured it develops grows enlarges until it is big enough our whole to swallow us.

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Frozen in time

By Anna Jeavons / 30 November 2021 / Comments Off on Frozen in time

Deep within the dark recesses of an icy cavern hidden secrets lay  a little like my frozen mind wandering through this glacial grotto footsteps frozen in time blue-tinged sunlight  strobes this icy catacomb so begins the thaw  from within this frozen cortex  the unremembered re-appears.

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By Anna Jeavons / 25 November 2021 / Comments Off on Sanguine 

Sanguine  is where I find myself sitting in my red armchair transported to my ideal place seashore views rolling sandhills crystal clear sea  with cappuccino froth  swirling in the waves driftwood gnarled  with stories caught in kelp seagulls squawking crabs crawling with sun setting  penguins  are coming home from the sea soon the incoming tide …

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Nirvana for animals

By Anna Jeavons / 25 November 2021 / Comments Off on Nirvana for animals

A three masted schooner  with a Giraffe at its helm  sails through the night air a Rhinoceros stops at a red light hot chocolate flows from a fountain as moonbeams reflect  on Pink Flamingos riding their bikes a waddle of Penguins wait at the Zebra crossing Hyenas drinking coffee  laugh at their own jokes  Elephants…

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By Anna Jeavons / 10 September 2021 / Comments Off on Blooming

My dear Today as you are blooming your buds may not yet be visible to the casual passer-by But inside you are dressed top to toe in beauty and splendour waiting to be unfurled when the right light arrives   This piece was shortlisted in the 2021 mindshare Awards, presented by mindshare, Writers SA, Access2Arts,…

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