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By Anna Jeavons / 12 May 2020 / Comments Off on Hope

See black clouds hover to compress the brain. Negative words cut deep. Acid on tongues. A bog like stench engulfs every cell. Drags down to depths unknown. Slowly somewhere a glimmer of light melts the gloom to reveal the sweet honey voice and fragrant caress of a loved one’s touch.

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By Anna Jeavons / 12 May 2020 / Comments Off on 2am

CW: self-harm 2am is not for the happy ones with smiles on their faces 2am is for the broken ones who don’t know how to face this it’s for the beaten up and broken the torn and the bruised the ones who’ve tried to defend themselves but keep on getting used the ones who aren’t…

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By Anna Jeavons / 11 May 2020 / Comments Off on Anxiety

When I awaken to a weight on my chest, I think of all the things I couldn’t leave to rest These thoughts just will not settle and nest And there’s this thing that I cannot test Most nights I lay awake Similar to how in panic I shake And I cannot take The feelings of…

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The Ebb and Flow

By Anna Jeavons / 07 May 2020 / Comments Off on The Ebb and Flow

I swim among Ebb and flow No shaky ground for me No dusty wind No muddy feet No need to hug a tree I love my cave My spangled suit I love my home 2O Though dark at night It’s not too bad It’s with the flow I go Come dinner time You never know…

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The Sliver of a Silver Lining

By Anna Jeavons / 06 May 2020 / Comments Off on The Sliver of a Silver Lining

To achieve an atmosphere of confidence and optimism I need to shed sincere tears. At times of the offences my unsocial defence was pretence in the, then, present-day sense. Be certain to now resound but not to compound the memories which have already been found. The union so hopelessly needed is fearfully felt – but…

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By Anna Jeavons / 03 April 2020 / Comments Off on Healing

I refuse to believe I am broken, mending is more like the term. From wounds that continue to open, for healing is a hard art to learn.

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Living Inside Out

By Anna Jeavons / 02 April 2020 / Comments Off on Living Inside Out

I am devoid of any emotion as I have no control over my soul. It’s too hard to fight for my rights; with no release – without a doubt. I would like to know how to change my unknown personalities but it should not be deemed necessary to alter the worlds of everybody. Ineke is…

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More Beds for Easter

By Anna Jeavons / 31 March 2020 / Comments Off on More Beds for Easter

More beds! More beds! they announce with fanfare triumphant almost  Rejoice, there are more beds for Easter!  for the sad, for the sick the recently crucified those going mad with loneliness  but will these beds come with any understanding or compassion? Will anyone say I know you are sad I know you are frightened but…

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By Anna Jeavons / 18 February 2020 / Comments Off on Threads

For Tim   Small coils of fibres,  snake like, lying  on the bathroom floor. Sometimes in a heap of knotted cotton on your bedroom tiles. Always on, under and around your desk. Pick. Pick. Pick. Strings of anxiety. I follow a tail of blue and black strands to pants without legs, shirts without arms. Blankets…

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Driving with Fear

By Anna Jeavons / 18 February 2020 / Comments Off on Driving with Fear

Driving home from my daughter’s house dusk turns to dark and I swap seats with my companion fear. Fear grips the steering wheel tightly, shuffles the seat forward, so knees are knocking under the dashboard. Rain splatters the windscreen and fear turns the wipers on. I wind my window down a touch. Fear sits rigid,…

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