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By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on Faithless

Imagine an earth where everything you see, from discernment’s birth, is a symbol. Mama, Dadaist.  A is for apple,  but it’s more than it seems. Apple might mean poison  grown for vain, maternal schemes. Or . . . it might mean knowledge, Eden forsaken by forked tongue  and a rogue hunger. It may be a…

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Reactive Organic Disorder

By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on Reactive Organic Disorder

Jumbled thoughts In quick succession An epileptic seizure Neurotransmitters Synapsis Sensibility Confused The mind A jigsaw puzzle An investigation The chemical significance  Floods my perception Overwhelmed I fall Is this my fault Why am I here A state of emergency In hospital Incarcerated  No place to go My interpretation Opinion or fact

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Applied Neuroscience

By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on Applied Neuroscience

for Irina after Benee’s song ‘Bagels’ (Benemusicc Limited, 2023,, which was created in collaboration with Youthline NZ, ASB and a team of neuroscientists   When I listen to Benee               hum & speak  over the silkiest of beats, my unfocussed mind flows into a kind of meditative state and focuses on fondest memories of your…

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By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on Obsession

When I walked into the wind today The biting wind so bleak I said to myself, I said, I dread How to remove this thought Out of my head I said to myself, said I Out to the cloud swept sky? Out, out damn thought Stained and marked Out, out I cried Out, out luscious…

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By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on Qualifications

I’m a professor Of being a mental patient I have a Cert IV in being counselled A bachelors in seeing a psychologist A masters in completing questionnaires  And a doctorate in dealing with psychiatrists   I am an expert In condensing my life’s story Into an easy to digest Smoothed out and simplified Dot point…

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On The Outside 

By Mindshare Admin / 06 April 2023 / Comments Off on On The Outside 

Moustached upper lip colour in my hair smooth cheeked sons what I see photo album page one dusty fingers slowly turn the pages all seems in order nothing to mundane smiling camera faces soccer games muddy clothes camping trips smoky fires rather fancy clothes and cars was money a thing behind the smiles and shiny…

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By Mindshare Admin / 17 November 2022 / Comments Off on Satisfied

I am satisfied to feel rain sprinkling on my eyes cool refreshing water I tip my head back satisfied I am alive. I am satisfied to dance my feet flit and twirl in time to the magical music satisfied I am alive. I am satisfied to laugh bubbles rise from within tiny wrinkles crease my…

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Cries Of Anguish

By Mindshare Admin / 17 November 2022 / Comments Off on Cries Of Anguish

You came from out of nowhere no warnings given earth collapsed, buildings shattered lives lost no time to hide bodies buried beneath rubble children scream among debris babies wrenched from mother’s arms houses crumbled, roads destroyed people frantically dig, search survivors emerge dazed, bloodied traumatized questioning this senseless war families displaced nowhere to go their…

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Are These Our Children

By Mindshare Admin / 17 November 2022 / Comments Off on Are These Our Children

Light a candle say a prayer for all those children suffering. streets are busy traffic moves fast no time to listen no time to care. doorways filled to the brim with bags of clothing bodies, stiff and still. syringes and needles lie everywhere careful or careless no one cares. what happened? to these kids of…

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Prepare To Stop

By Mindshare Admin / 14 November 2022 / Comments Off on Prepare To Stop
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