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All It Ever Was

By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on All It Ever Was

When she breathes in, the air chills her bones as it carries the weight of the world’s destiny into her throat, choking her. Pulled by the force of her lungs, tides move swiftly to shore but, instead of waning, they push onward until millions are drowning in the salt waters. Drawn in by the same…

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Facing the Fear Within

By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on Facing the Fear Within

The pregnancy had been textbook perfect, so had the birth. She felt elation holding her baby on her chest for the first time, her heart bursting with joy as she looked down at the sweet little face, looking up at her as one eye opened, then the other. Pure joy. That night, when the ward…

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The Trail

By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on The Trail

I’m falling. Spiralling out of control in the breath of a scream that splits the darkness, jagged edges scraping across skin. I cry out but no-one hears. Darkness is empty, and tears are falling in splinters of crystal bright like glass that cuts my eyes. Shadows are chasing. I’m falling. Towards the rocks below. I…

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Days Like Grains of Sand

By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on Days Like Grains of Sand

In mainstream film and literature, mental illness is loud. In real life it is black-faced, straight-backed, and as quiet as the empty space between stars. You could pass one of us in the street and we would smile and wave and you would never guess that our motions have as much feeling behind them as…

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Mother Bird

By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on Mother Bird

One day the baby will hate me. I know it. One day he’ll find out who I was. What I did at the very beginning. He’ll find out a mother’s love wasn’t a given. Not back then.  It should’ve been easy. That’s what they said. But at the start it wasn’t. Love wasn’t the thing…

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Kiss ‘n’ Ride

By Paula / 03 October 2023 / Comments Off on Kiss ‘n’ Ride

Antique furniture reminded her of childhood. An inhalation of leather, vanish, and aftershave Sydney’s Parliament House felt lush and homely after the confinement of ‘home.’ A tall, dark, nearly-stranger made eyes across the room. Power-lady work attire was clearly a turn on. He bee lined toward her, silver cufflinks matching the glint in his eye.…

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The Woman who wished for the wind to change  

By Mindshare Admin / 06 March 2023 / Comments Off on The Woman who wished for the wind to change  

She was like me – Always putting on a face to fit each occasion or person she was speaking to at the time. There was one for school drop off and pick up. One for Monday’s client, one for Friday’s client. Occasionally she’d put one on for her husband. One for the person she walked…

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Kym’s Own COVID-19 Isolation Story

By Anna Jeavons / 10 August 2021 / Comments Off on Kym’s Own COVID-19 Isolation Story

The whole COVID-19 isolation   Experience for me was a bit different, I found that I couldn’t spend as much time Going out like I usually do.      Before COVID-19 I was able to catch up with all my friends, We were able to go out to the pubs, Fringe clubs And also to theatre…

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By Anna Jeavons / 01 October 2020 / Comments Off on Softly

The first thing I learned from chronic pain is that hope is dangerous.  It took the first couple of years of regular punishment and debilitating pain to realise that if I allowed myself to hope, I would convince myself I could pretend to be normal. And if I did something normal… ate something normal, walked…

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Sugar Glass

By Anna Jeavons / 17 September 2020 / Comments Off on Sugar Glass

I feel like I am made of glass and things that shatter. Maybe not glass. Sugar glass. The kind that they use on television that shatters but that does not pierce. I know that I am okay and that my anxieties are not real. I know that is unlikely to be real. I know that…

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