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Kym’s Own COVID-19 Isolation Story

By Anna Jeavons / 10 August 2021 / Comments Off on Kym’s Own COVID-19 Isolation Story

The whole COVID-19 isolation   Experience for me was a bit different, I found that I couldn’t spend as much time Going out like I usually do.      Before COVID-19 I was able to catch up with all my friends, We were able to go out to the pubs, Fringe clubs And also to theatre…

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By Anna Jeavons / 01 October 2020 / Comments Off on Softly

The first thing I learned from chronic pain is that hope is dangerous.  It took the first couple of years of regular punishment and debilitating pain to realise that if I allowed myself to hope, I would convince myself I could pretend to be normal. And if I did something normal… ate something normal, walked…

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Sugar Glass

By Anna Jeavons / 17 September 2020 / Comments Off on Sugar Glass

I feel like I am made of glass and things that shatter. Maybe not glass. Sugar glass. The kind that they use on television that shatters but that does not pierce. I know that I am okay and that my anxieties are not real. I know that is unlikely to be real. I know that…

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Notes on home

By Anna Jeavons / 17 September 2020 / Comments Off on Notes on home

“Did you know that my grandparents build this house with their bare hands?” I hear myself say, a distinct note of pride inflecting my voice. I’m flicking through photos, pointing out the octagonal shape and unique fixtures. There’s pride, yes, and a sense of novelty. There’s a quaintness to the anachronism of building four walls…

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Beyond the Punchline

By Anna Jeavons / 17 September 2020 / Comments Off on Beyond the Punchline

Kanye West called his Bipolar disorder his ‘superpower’ and whilst that sounds empowering, I wouldn’t call my anxiety disorder a superpower. I mean, even if I was going to dress it up in a frock and smear make-up on, it’d be something grotesque barely contained in a stretched dress with unravelling threads and blotched make-up.…

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Revolving Doors

By Anna Jeavons / 15 September 2020 / Comments Off on Revolving Doors

It was my third hospitalisation and my most difficult. My husband came to visit me with my three year old daughter who was sitting on his knee smiling. She had a beautiful smile, but when I looked at my husband, I had no memories of our twelve years together. I felt numb and when that…

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Turning 30

By Anna Jeavons / 01 July 2020 / Comments Off on Turning 30

I was born to be somebody; we all are. And mostly I like that I’ve been different, a bit messier. I definitely didn’t waste my youth. I haven’t made monetary gains but it’s been rich with unique and daring experiences that’ll inform what I do in my 30s, 40s, 50s… and 60s if I get…

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Horizon Turning

By Anna Jeavons / 24 May 2020 / Comments Off on Horizon Turning

Ever stood in front of the mirror and looked into your own eyes? I mean a deep look, not a cursory glance. What do you see? Years ago, I did this and I saw a young boy with blue eyes, blonde hair, full of innocence and vigour. Bursting of dreams and wild expectations. And I…

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A Turning Point

By Anna Jeavons / 15 May 2020 / Comments Off on A Turning Point

CW: Sexual Assault   I would like to deliberate regarding Gang Members (my dissociated parts) as it is almost an institution. Allow me to cope with the realisation of the devastation, through courage and strength of mind. Fear is a voice I often hear, year after year. Although it may appear, at times it seems…

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How I deal with my depression

By Anna Jeavons / 06 May 2020 / Comments Off on How I deal with my depression

I have been dealing with anxiety and depression since I was 17. I am now 47. My latest depressive episode was due to having sinus surgery on the 10th of February. I have had numerous side affects including: 3 haemorrhages in hospital and a second procedure on the 11th of February to quarterize my nose…

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