Exposing The Layers

By Mikayla Bohmer

Painting description:  Emotions …. they are not always just a clear black-and-white feeling. Sometimes they are indescribable, you don’t always know how or what you are feeling. They can just come flooding in all at once, then all you feel is overwhelmed. Sometimes emotions can be so intense that you lose sense of who you are and you end up getting all muddled up in the middle of them, not knowing which way to turn. Sometimes they change so quickly that you can’t even keep up.   Some emotions can be felt so intensely that all you want to do is escape, which can lead to your mind going into a dissociative state as a coping mechanism. This painting is a representation of exactly that!

When I was painting, I was feeling every emotion under the sun from a really vulnerable, dark, angry, negative and dissociative state of consciousness, to a happy, free and liberated state of consciousness. This painting is not only 50 layers of paint, but it is also 50 layers of emotion. It represents the power of the mind and how emotions have the power to either help us evolve and grow or do the complete opposite…… this painting is nowhere near perfect, but neither are emotions. The colours blend into each other in some places creating a deep and dark texture and others are super bright you can see all the different colours easily. The texture represents the depth and how powerful emotions can be but also how vulnerable they can make a person feel.




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