Wayne's World

By Wayne Eckert

Wayne was born into a family for whom disability became a normal event, rather than the tragic unexpected experience it usually is. He witnessed both his brother and sister suffer
conditions at early ages that left them disabled.

Wayne’s turn came when he was eighteen. He was treated with extensive radiotherapy and neurosurgery for two benign brain tumours. The damage done by the radiotherapy
has returned to haunt Wayne every year since, leading to lengthy periods in hospital

Wayne’s journey is marked by his continual frustration at the inability of doctors, who due to the transient nature of these conditions, cannot diagnose their causes.

Wayne’s ongoing battle with his undiagnosed and unknown medical condition continues to obsess him to the point of distraction. Fortunately, his ability to recover quickly from these conditions and his sense of humour saves him. They have also allowed him to make this comical record of his journey.

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