The Aliens

By Frankie Starling

mindshare was recipient of Arts SA’s Strategic Community Partnership: Community Grant for 2014 working with the Media Resource Centre and Access 2 Arts. As part of this project mindshare invited poets, writers and individuals with lived experience of a mental health issue to submit poetry to a competition called When words come to life.

Our judge Jude Aquilina then selected 8 poems from a diverse range of applicants which were turned into digital stories during a workshop run by the Media Resource Centre.

Frankie Starling was one of the selected poets with her poem ‘The Aliens”, this is her story.


The Aliens, once again have landed.
They’re setting up camp.
They’ve been working undercover.
Not even a lamp.

They travel in silence,
Through my jungle of veins.
They’ve strengthened their troops,
No trucks, tanks or planes.

The counterattack is launched.
Strike with ‘Big Guns’ of poisoned distress.
Once again, the roller coaster ride begins.
What a dilemma, a frightening mess.

The hair falls, the mind is a blur.
The body aches, the resilience sinks.
The poison pumps.
My life fucking stinks.

‘You’re strong, you can do this, you’ve done it before’
The words ring in my ears, as my heart hits the floor.

Can we not live in harmony?
My Aliens and I?
Can you not seek to destroy me?
Keep me struggling til I die?
Why did you choose my vessel to dwell?
There are theories and judgements, but who can ever really tell?

So I battle against your existence.
I struggle for my own.
Who is the Queen?
Who is the Drone?

Time will tell.
Snakes and ladders are played.

To be friend, lover and grandmother.
It is still hoped, longed and prayed.

Each day I must feel not, what I suffer and have lost.
But, what I still have to share at whatever the cost.

Still, the aliens once again have landed.
They’re setting up camp.
They’ve been working undercover.
Not even a lamp.

by Frankie Starling
Part of the When words come to life competition 2014

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