Nancy Bates & Anna Jeavons: Bipolar Q&A + Songs of Joy & Sorrow

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IG Takeover: Bipolar Q&A + Songs of Joy & Suffering

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Introducing Nancy Bates and Anna Jeavons – together on the verandah talking all things bipolar and singing a few songs in between.

Nancy’s bipolar diagnosis is new and brought with it both hope and fear. In her way, #MentalHealthWeek 2020 has been about emancipation from the shame, and about unveiling this to her family and community. It’s about overcoming stigma, and speaking openly so that we can be a source of comfort for each other.

Anna has lived with a Bipolar 1 Disorder diagnosis for 11 years —the same length of time she’s been writing songs as a simple creative outlet. She speaks openly to her lived experience with the aim of demystifying bipolar and mental illness at large. Usually she is behind the scenes as mindshare’s Online Editor and Creative Director, but in this video catch Anna sharing her story alongside Nancy.

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