Minotaur : a suite of poems

By Danijela Hlis

mindshare recipients of Arts SA’s Strategic Community Partnership : Community Grant for 2014 working with the Media Resource Centre and Access 2 Arts. As part of this project mindshare invited poets, writers and individuals with lived experience of a mental health issue to submit poetry to a competition called When words come to life.
Our judge Jude Aqulina then selected 8 poems from a diverse range of applicants which were then turned into digital stories during a workshop run by the Media Resource Centre.
Danijela Hlis was one of the selected poets with her poem ‘Minotaur : a suite of poems’, this is her story.

M I N O T A U R by Danijela Hlis

From a deep crevasse in her mind a butterfly with clipped wings stills
the girl’s fear deeper into the mud. Surfacing like crabs in low tide
are seeping wounds of an abandoned child: how to hide?

Courage, smile, determination, painted lips, made up face
to mask the scars, let rising tide over bandaged sorrows.
High on painkillers, wine, poetry and prose
a gleeful malevolent ghost of life in a cemetery of regrets.
Behind dark purdah of fear and loss, her hidden corals in a monster tide.

Breadcrumbs of hope shattered, imprisoned in the labyrinth of monsters.
Her husband’s limbs under an electric train,
her mother dying on the floor of a nursing home.
The woman childless womb a slice of stale bread. Storms in her heart.
But life goes on. Defiantly like a dandelion pushing out of snow fields
the woman keeps crawling, climbing, walking. Tides keep changing.

Glorious oblivion, a touch of self acceptance, the woman leaps life’s obstacles.
A cormorant in the hand of the creator, preparing for another dive.
It is not what she can forget but that which she never knew
that she regrets:
the gallop of Equus,*** consuming passion & obsession, total abandon.
Sun is painting shadows her love for life grows,
the fabric of her existence a kaleidoscope of bucket lists.
Moving forward always forward , there is power in persistence.
Riding rainbows of hope and faith, in the wisdom of content.

by Danijela Hlis
Part of When words come to life competition 2014

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