Mali Isabel: My Purpose as a young Indigenous Artist & My Wellbeing Journey

By mindshare

This is Mali Isabel. She is a twenty one year old Arabana and Kokatha woman from Port Augusta and is now based in Adelaide.

Mali loves that art is a way for people to be creative and express themselves in a safe non-judgemental space of complete freedom.

All of Mali’s art is based on the hidden meaning of equality, which is the reasoning behind the emphasised use of her rainbow colours. Mali focuses her art on topics such as racism, discrimination, mental health, diversity and feminism, along with many other important topics.

Mali uses her platform to promote positivity, happiness and kindness. She uses her art as a way to depict her reality to others and express her perspectives and opinions on topics that she has had experience dealing with throughout her life.

Throughout Mali’s art, she always encourages people to keep an open mind. Her goal is to change the world and make it a stronger and more equal society for all.

In this video Mali speaks about how art allows her to filter and process her experiences then “tie a bow on them and throw them away”, only to see them come back in positive ways—like through inspiring or educating others.

And enjoy her reflections on the power of creativity and friendship for wellbeing!




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