Feel This Way

By Jessica Braithwaite

In “Feel This Way” Jessica tackles themes of social media, anxiety and the pressure we can feel to live up to  the unrealistic images portrayed on social media. “I just want to have a laugh with everyone  about how ridiculous things have become, with so many people trying to pretend they have  perfect lives on Instagram.” 

“When I first became a mum, I cried every day for three weeks and many days didn’t even  make it out of my pyjamas. Yet on Instagram I’d see all these ‘perfect’ mums doing baking  afternoons in pristine kitchens, or peacefully breastfeeding their newborns in fields of  flowers”. 

“It took me a while to realise the whole idea of a perfect mum is just an illusion. It feels  great to pull back the veil on motherhood in the clip”. 

“At the end of the day – the message in the chorus of the song is clear: ‘We don’t have to  feel this way‘. I really mean that when I sing it. Who are we all trying to impress anyway?” 




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