Dialogue - Butt Out

By mindshare

Around 80% of mental health patients smoke cigarettes, with such a high percentage you have to ask what is the lure to smoking (an activity that leads to an early demise) actually is?
Why do we do it, when we know it can cause such harm.

Dialogue is a surreal experience that touches on the dependency of individuals living with a mental health illness or problem on tobacco and smoking.
A tongue in cheek view on smoking, its benefits, its drawbacks, and exploration of the myths around its use. It aims to open up the dialogue surrounding the myth of tobacco use by consumers inviting you to comment and explore the relationship of smoking and mental health problems.

nb: Dialogue in no way aims to promote the use of tobacco by consumers.

Featuring Abner Bradley, Kathryn Hall, Kym MacKenzie, and Faruq Oerton with assistance by film-maker Lachlan Coles. Produced during a workshop at the Media Resource Centre in SA.

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