Conversations from the Street with Hutt St Centre & Keryn Robelyn

By Festival of Now

Keryn has a black belt in Lived Experience, an ignited wit and disarming charm. She’s mad… about cats, heart connections, deep talks and systemic change. Keryn works for ARC – Aspire Recovery Connection.

Hutt St Centre is a place where people who are challenged by homelessness can change their lives forever. At Hutt St Centre people are nurtured, respected, encouraged and supported to make choices, build skills, and connect with others to create a new beginning. Their work is built on respect for individuals, their dignity and choices, responsiveness to their needs, and living these beliefs through excellence in service provision. Working in partnership with our clients, Hutt St Centre meets peoples’ immediate needs for meals, showers, health, counselling and legal services. They also provide case management, housing support and life skills through education, training and employment services because they know this offers a pathway out of homelessness.

This discussion was recorded live for Festival of Now 2020.




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