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Reach For The Light

By Anna Jeavons / 07 December 2021 / Comments Off on Reach For The Light

Taking inspiration from personal experiences in her life, Amanda Turner takes the power of music to help others to build courage, find strength and to be their authentic selves. Located in Adelaide, Australia, Amanda is a singer, songwriter, co-producer and mental health and anti-bullying advocate. Amanda Turner’s second single Reach For The Light is her debut…

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Paraphronia: String Quartet in A minor

By Anna Jeavons / 04 November 2021 / Comments Off on Paraphronia: String Quartet in A minor

Paraphronia is a Greek word which means, “to be beside one’s own mind, “madness.” Thus, the nature of the composition, a persistent staccato over a melodious legato; carefree exuberant jauntiness with underlying fear & brooding. The string quartet consists of 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola and cello.

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Happyville Park

By Anna Jeavons / 28 September 2021 / Comments Off on Happyville Park

Alex developed this song, inspired by her love of adventures, nature and the fantasy realm. Through Alex’s lived experience of mental illness, she has found creative expression a constant remedy to express and divert her mind to a colourful and happy place. This song comes accompanied by artworks of characters and scenes from Happyville Park.…

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Tonight – Jaylee Daniels

By Mindshare Admin / 12 June 2021 / Comments Off on Tonight – Jaylee Daniels

Tonight’s message is about listening, caring and helping anyone in need

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A Poem Called “Psychosis”

By Anna Jeavons / 22 December 2020 / Comments Off on A Poem Called “Psychosis”

Kristy has been writing poetry since her teen years. Her poetry mostly revolves around what it is like for her to live with Schizo-Affective Disorder. Over the years Kristy has found that expressing herself this way is almost like a therapy of some sort. Kristy hopes to write more in the future and one day…

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Nancy Bates – “My Song”

By Anna Jeavons / 08 October 2020 / Comments Off on Nancy Bates – “My Song”

2020 Mental Health Week Ambassador Nancy Bates has written a song to help us all understand what it is like to live with bipolar for her.

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Feel This Way

By Anna Jeavons / 01 October 2020 / Comments Off on Feel This Way

In “Feel This Way” Jessica tackles themes of social media, anxiety and the pressure we can feel to live up to  the unrealistic images portrayed on social media. “I just want to have a laugh with everyone  about how ridiculous things have become, with so many people trying to pretend they have  perfect lives on…

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By Anna Jeavons / 12 June 2020 / Comments Off on Fracture

FRACTURE (Adelaide Fringe, 2020) is an autobiographic theatre experience Alice created during a period of deep loneliness and isolation just before the pandemic hit the UK. Exploring her relationship to this piece with the guidance of an Artist Wellbeing Practitioner, Lou Platt, has been her silver lining, the gold paint laid between the cracks.

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Dennis the Garbage Truck

By Anna Jeavons / 01 June 2020 / Comments Off on Dennis the Garbage Truck

  Jarrad dreams of one day being the Dennis Driver. After school on Thursdays, they go tracking Dennis along his route. Dennis is no regular boy, he’s the big boy, says Jarrad.

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You’re Not Alone – Wellbeing Animation Project

By Anna Jeavons / 22 May 2019 / Comments Off on You’re Not Alone – Wellbeing Animation Project

Artists involved in “You’re Not Alone” include: Braeden, Kaitlyn & Jack plus Resident Artists Isy Ashford, Phi Theodoros, Nick Dallwitz and Clare Henley.

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