A videoclip of a slam poem produced by Uniting Communities Two young people alone in the dark winter rain find each other in a garden and ride out the storm together.

By Kat Coppock



Lowkey tragic; young people report feeling lonely, isolated, and left out, at the highest levels compared to any other age group in South Australia. Despite this, loneliness among young people isn’t talked about enough.

Art is a beautiful connection creator, so Uniting Communities have released a slam poem and video clip to raise awareness of the isolation that young people experience, as well as some resources that can be used to help combat loneliness and isolation.  Tips include pursuing hobbies and interests that you like as a pathway to meet others who share similar interests/experiences, volunteering for local organizations to broaden social connections, or joining online communities as a way to meet people.

Here at mindshare we strongly advocate for The Arts as a social connector. Whether it’s paintings, poems, pantomime, or panpipes, frequenting creative collectives can be empowering, grounding, and comforting. It can open our minds to new perspectives, awe us with beauty of colour and form, and provide a sense of kinship when we experience stories that reflect our own. Either online or in person, places of art-making and art-sharing inherently support connections between folks, helping us to find our center and feel less alone.

Check out the video above for the #unlockLoneliness poem, and visit the website here for more information.

You can also find direct support here through their “Community Connections” Program.

This is part of Uniting Communities “Overcoming Loneliness” project, which also facilitates support for adults experiencing loneliness and social isolation.

Tips for combating loneliness

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