Through the Window – Visual Arts Fringe Review




Through four windows on Pitt St in the City twelve artists are creating twelve stories throughout the Fringe season. The artists are a partnership from Uniting Communities retirement villages teamed with artists in recovery from drug and alcohol programs. Together their work is a live installation in the windows of U City where your gallery is strolling along Pitt Street.

The works are varied from graffiti street art questioning ‘what are you looking at?’, to a little girl looking through a window to a dry desert landscape. Street artists have also created The Flintstones Wilma and Betty walking to the Central Markets. The work is varied and evolving. Some are refined and polished, others abstract spray art while others are just playing it straight.

On the day I came by two pieces were finished while another six were at varying stages of being complete. With Wilma and Betty yet to have their finishing touches, in the window next door I can see the pencil outlines from an artist who is an avid letters to the editor writer. I’m told their piece will be a provocative, political, conversation starter that will start soon.

It’s great to see the unique style of each piece of work and the marrying of street art and fine art across the windows.

The U City Arts Studio are Ruby Award Winning and home to artists, writers, fashion designers, scientists, philosophers and creative educators. The philosophy of these artists is to find new ways to tell stories. As a visual art exhibition it is great to find something where the work is evolving with the Festival. By making a point of walking down Pitt St as you head around the City or the Markets you can see the work transform in front of you.

Somedays you’ll even catch the artist in the window, working on their piece. But this is more than just art being created live, relationships are being forged too.

Can’t wait until the end of Fringe to see it all come together.

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