The Opening Of The Mindshare Art Exhibition


By Jenny Benham




Mindshare Group Exhibition Opening; North Adelaide Community Center
Opened by Kat Coppock; mindshare Online Editor.
Performances by Dieter Horvat, Kym McKenzie, Phi Theodoros and Melanie Rose Gunner, and Sarah Goodah.
Art activities by KJ Hepworth, Adelaide City Council, and mindshare.

To see the full album of photos from this exhibition, CLICK HERE!

Friday 7th October 2022

Friday night I had the privilege of attending the opening of the ‘Mindshare Art Exhibition’. When I entered North Adelaide Community Center and Library apart from noticing an obvious change in temperature as I left the rather chilly exterior and entered the hall it simply radiated with warmth, not a warmth controlled by an electronic thermostat but a warmth controlled and measured by emotions.

The artworks of various mediums and forms spoke to me of bravery and courage. Some had messages that seemed direct whereas others left me questioning. I felt that each piece carried its own story and these stories are guided by the soul of the artist. if you find two people, expose them to similar situations then give them a brush and a canvas and see how different the interpretation can be. The scope of the artworks, written, painted, and performed highlighted the power of the individual and how change actually comes from a collection of individuals moving together yet keeping their individuality.

Phi bought energy to the night. She is no stranger to the stage and this exuberance flowed well Kat’s more measured introduction as it highlighted the drive and dedication of those who back the Mindshare ideals helping people to claim their individuality often reclaiming a self that was crushed by those who gave them a label, put them in a box and expected them to be grateful that they were being given the opportunity to live their lives within these boxes and this release is done through the power of creativity.

Unfortunately, I could not remain for the entire presentation. Still, I rejoice in the power, compassion, and warmth, the call to acknowledge the skill, talent, and energy once I truly stepped into this celebration, relaxed my boundaries, and took in what was around me.

Thank you for this opportunity.
Jenny Benham



















To see the full album of photos from this exhibition, CLICK HERE!

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