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By Anna Jeavons


We had such a fantastic response from our community and newcomers to mindshare for our Sticker Competition. We received a diverse array of beautiful, creative ideas… with nine designs in total! We cannot wait to select six of these for printing and distribute them in the community, and at all of our events.

Scroll on to check out the designs and read artists statements from our amazing contributors:


Anneliese Thompson

My mindshare sticker design shows the flowers growing and blooming as a representation of a positive mind.




Donna Chaplin 

My design is a image of 3 brains linked all together as I feel there is not enough support around mental health and this is showing hope that one day we can all be supported and accepted for who we are, yes we are all different but we are all people.



Lindy Thai 

This illustration shows the exchanging of ideas between different individuals who are willing to learn and share from their different experiences



Jyontsna Rao


Plenty of colours make a rainbow. I am a new migrant to Australia. I call Australia home since 17 years. I find that people coming from different cultures and backgrounds living in harmony in a community. My sticker represents harmony, unity in diversity.



Rhiannon Faith

Statement: Glitter. Butterflies. Sparkles. Hearts. All the things that make me happy, and I hope they make you happy too.




Val Smith 

1. Sad man

The sad man is watching his life spiral down and down into despair.




2. Sunflower

A sunflower follows the sun to bring joy and well being and I wanted to depict the man in the centre as a happy chappy.



Tayla Christensen 

My design reflects the beauty in growing and nurturing your mental health. It also symbolises that our trauma doesn’t make us ugly. We bloom beautifully regardless.



Lynette Zander 

Even on the darkest of days I find hope, hope of a freedom, a lightness to living. Like the Butterfly I will have my time.





Kat Coppock 

“”Humans are like complicated plants with feelings” To foster healing, creativity and connection, healthy minds need to be tended like a garden, or a tree”


  1. Val on 28/04/2021 at 9:47 am

    All lovely. Best of luck to everyone

  2. Lynette Zander on 07/05/2021 at 8:38 am

    I especially like Kat Coppock’s design. Very clever and it says so much.

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