Simon Caine: Every Room Becomes a Panic Room When You Overthink Enough


By Steve Amey


Review by Steve Amey

It takes real comedic skill to find a humorous link between overthinking, the Ghost Busters Ecto-1, awkward threesomes and cake! But Simon found it and used it well as a clever thread throughout his comedy act.

Simons aptly titled show hit the mark as we saw a man, a phone and a nervous disposition all come together to present a funny take on normal everyday events. The real mark of a good comedian is taking those mundane moments, mix in some dysphoria and throw in a dysfunctional viewpoint to produce a unique and funny take on life.

Audience engagement was high. Simon included his spectators in every aspect of the routine. Sometimes he would break out of routine to have a chat. This all added to the show’s success, which made Simon even more personable and helped us get inside his head – which I add was at times a satisfyingly scary place!

The anxiety-laden, socially awkward stories kept me laughing all through the act. The key here was I could relate and, observing the audience’s reactions, they held similar views. 

At the conclusion of the show Simon offered the audience a button pin with a reminder of one of the key joke threads of the night. Mine proudly sits with my other keepsakes as a reminder of a good evening. I would see Simon again and I will look for his show next year. Four out of five stars.

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