Peter James: It’s All Happening. A Fringe Review

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This is the 6th Fringe from the boy from Mt Isa (via Brisbane). Performing at The Squeaker in Gluttony this venue is being run by our good friend Mickey D. Peter’s comedy is very much every day life as seen through the eyes of the poor comedian. Poking fun at the irony of being a Gold Class Velocity Traveller while living in the house his girlfriend owns, James is self deprecating in a very familiar way.

Peter loves to interact with his audience and can just go with it when they talk back – however when one member talked endlessly about her own experience, it was easy to feel like the rest of us were just ease dropping.

While his stand up around travelling via the Virgin Lounge and watching endless hours of Bondi Rescue was good, it’s his musical work that really shone through for me.

A clever wit behind a folksy guitar enabled him to be a lot more edgy with material that put a spotlight on the seedier side of Mt Isa and day to day life. Peter James enjoys coming to the Adelaide Fringe and you can tell by the enthusiasm and amusement he brings to his stand up.

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