Original Innocence – Fringe Review

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Original Innocence is a dance that describes itself as “an exploration of self and what it means to be innocent”. It is immersive performance art where the audience is kept close throughout which makes it a deeply emotional experience. It is a highly evocative performance melded with dance where we watch innocence unfold, become lost and regained in a new form. There is no elevated stage instead we sit on the floor at the same level as the performers and performance.

Through meditative music, spoken word and movement Original Innocence asks us to witness innocence turning to pain then relief which is almost joy. It is a very honest evolution for our main protagonist who comes off almost exhausted by the end, yet with some peaceful form of redemption.

Within this dance and performance piece you watch two key performers who very intimately break free the shackles of innocence only to have it become real and raw emotion. In this it is about stripping (almost) bare where there is anguish and pain, and when told in a very intimate setting can be confronting. While I think this is the aim of this piece, for anyone experiencing mental health challenges that could be overwhelming.

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