mindshare Sticker Competition!


By Anna Jeavons


Do you like to draw and want to see your design come to life?
Have lived experience of mental health challenges?
Want to contribute your creativity and become part of the mindshare community?
We are looking for amazing sticker designs featuring simply the word ‘mindshare’.
Our Advisory Group will determine 6 designs to be transformed into vinyl sticker sheets which will be made available to the public.
mindshare welcomes all original creative work, as long as it is yours.
We will post your designs to our social media and website prior to the decision being made so our beautiful community can view your hard work.
So put on your thinking caps and get out your pens, pencils and ipencils squiggling!
Design requirements:
Digital image or photograph of artwork may be: png, pdf or gif format (no larger than 2mb)
Circular design / diameter 7.6cm x 7.6cm
Please send your design by 5pm April 19 2021 to email mindshare@mhcsa.org.au with the title: mindshare sticker comp 2021 and provide:
  • your full name/if you wish for your work to be published under a pseudonym please let us know
  • a short 25 word statement about your sticker design
  • telephone number
  • social media handle(s)
  • provide permission for your design to be published online
Finalists will be contacted by 29 April 2021.

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