mindshare Awards Shortlisters Announced


By Anna Jeavons


The mindshare Awards is a poetry and creative writing competition presented by mindshare, the Mental Health Coalition of SAWriters SA and Access2Arts.

The competition is an opportunity for South Australian writers with lived experience of mental illness to share their stories, showcase their skills, discover new creative communities, and connect with industry professionals.

Thank you deeply to everyone who submitted to the 2021 Awards. So many raw truths and exciting ideas encountered.

This year the Awards received over 107 entries from across South Australia!

The entries were judged based on creative execution, skill in use of language meaning and narrative, and the pieces’ ability to raise awareness around and de-stigmatise mental illness.

The judging was undertaken by a team of professional writers with their own lived experience of mental health challenges.

We had a lot of excellent pieces submitted, and many of the scores differentiating the shortlisted pieces from those not shortlisted were miniscule. We really encourage all who submitted to do so again in 2022 for a second chance, as there was important messaging, creative thinking, and great writing throughout.

The entries that were shortlisted will displayed across Adelaide City Libraries and in North Adelaide Community Centre in October as part of the mindshare Exhibition. Alternatively, check them out on mindshare here.

The four winners of the mindshare Awards will be announced by mindshare’s Online Editor Anna Jeavons and Writers SA Director Jessica Alice at Poetry Prescribed on Thursday 21st of October 2021.

We hope to see you there.

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