mindshare has a range of presentations, activities and workshops available that we are able to present within your community with the mindshare team and our partners.

Some workshops may require the hiring of extra equipment which may add to the workshop cost.  For workshops held outside the metropolitan area there will be an extra cost associated with travel or accomodation.


Blogging, write something interesting

Blogging is fast becoming a excellent way for ordinary individuals to connect and discuss the world around them in an on-line space.  Those wishing to blog may do so by starting their own blog site or they can join with others on a site like mindshare.

This workshop includes the development of a storyline, research, finding your key points, length and conclusion.

duration: 2 and 1/2 hours
This workshop is free.

Taking your blog to the next level

So you have a blog site and you are producing some interesting work for the on-line environment. This workshop will provide you with some ideas and strategies surrounding grabbing your audience’s attention as well as running a blog campaign.

duration: 2 hours
This workshop is free.


An introduction to WordPress!

Learn the basics of how to create your own site from scratch using the world’s most popular blogging software WordPress. This workshop is an overview on template selection, site set up, how to upload text and insert image.  Please note this workshop will walk you through the basics of how to get started and will not assist you in constructing an entire site in one sitting.

duration: 3 hours
please email mindshare for costs.

Your own WordPress blog site

Are you keen to get your own blog site up and working but find you don’t know how to go about creating it yourself?  Let mindshare set up a basic site of 3-4 pages creating an initial template that you can work from.  If you are able to provide images, and text we will set the rest up for you under your own URL or with a free web site address through wordpress blogs.

please email mindshare for costs.

(prices will alter depending on the length of construction time)

How to update your WordPress site

Once your site has been constructed you will need to learn some basics on how to alter the site, spend some time with mindshare to learn the basics of wordpress editing.

please email mindshare for costs.

Social Media

What is Social Media

Social media can certainly be confusing, there is: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Tweet deck, Blogger, Dribble, Foursquare, Flickr, WordPress, Skype, Tumblr, Youtube, Yahoo, Vimeo, RSS, Apps and much more on your phone and the internet these days.

Join our mindshare staff as they establish what is out there in the form of social media and what it all means in this 3 hour workshop.

duration: 3 hours
please email mindshare for costs.

How to promote using Social Media

If you are an organisation, community group or an individual wishing to run a campaign, how do you use Social Media in order to spread the word about your event, promotion or product. Spend two hours with mindshare as we construct a basic social media plan for a fictitious campaign working through the options on how to promote and spread the word.

duration: 2 hours
This workshop is free..

Writing for Film

How to write for a digital story or a short film

What makes a story good? And how do you go about making it interesting, engaging and impactful.  Digital stories are powerful short films that use film footage, sound and pictures, learn how to write and block for film.

Workshop can be a basic introduction within 3 hours to provide you with a guideline to follow or they may last for a full day providing support through the process of writing your script and how to use a storyboard.

This workshop may be attended by individuals working on corporate, community or personal stories.

 Overview workshop duration: 3 hours

Full day, duration: 5 hours
please email mindshare for costs.

Short Film or Digital Story

mindshare working together with its partners are able to offer digital story or short film workshops for individuals, groups or organisations.

A registration form will soon be added to this web site, please contact the mindshare  team by clicking here for further details.